Teamwork and collaborative practice

Competency Statement: The nursing student demonstrates the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with members of the healthcare team in ways that facilitate mutual respect and shared decision-making.


The nursing student:

  1. Describes the characteristics of effective healthcare teams
  2. Discusses how effective intraprofessional and interprofessional communication and collaboration can improve patient safety
  3. Outlines differences in the scope of practice, roles and responsibilities of different members of the nursing profession
  4. Describes the roles and responsibilities of other healthcare professionals
  5. Discusses the impact of effective leadership and followership on team dynamics
  6. Discusses own strengths and limitations as a team member
  7. Discusses the influence of hierarchy and power differentials on assertive communication

The nursing student:

  1. Recognises that the patient and their significant others are integral members of the healthcare team
  2. Works in partnership with other healthcare professionals towards common goals that prioritise the patient’s perspectives, values and needs
  3. Communicates and collaborates confidently and respectfully with all members of the healthcare team
  4. Seeks and values the perspectives of all team members
  5. Engages in collaborative goal setting and decision-making when planning person-centred care
  6. Provides clear and accurate handover reports to members of the healthcare team
  7. Communicates effectively using ISBAR (or other appropriate communication tool)
  8. Documents clearly, accurately and contemporaneously in patient records
  9. Uses only recognised terms and abbreviations when communicating
  10. Raises concerns about patient care in a timely manner and with clarity and confidence
  11. Manages conflict effectively and, when required, escalates concerns using graded assertiveness
  12. Responds to all forms of overt and covert horizontal or vertical violence using appropriate strategies and reporting processes

Teamwork and collaborative practice refers to healthcare professionals working together using complementary knowledge and skills to provide patient care, based on trust, respect and understanding of each other’s expertise. Collaborative practice prioritises the patient’s needs, requires well developed intra and interprofessional communication skills, and the ability to speak up if one has concerns.