Patient safety online module

One shift, four patients … a day in the life of a new graduate nurse … Patient safety online module


Healthcare errors are the third leading cause of death in developed countries and the personal and financial impact is considerable. Importantly, 80% of these errors are preventable. Every shift, nurses are presented with multiple opportunities to recognise and respond to issues that could compromise patient safety. However, the ability to do this requires a strong foundation of knowledge.


This patient safety online learning module has been designed to identify how well you understand and can respond to everyday clinical situations that have the potential to jeopardise patient safety. Completion of the module will help you to recognise your strengths and areas in need of improvement.


The online module is comprised of four patient safety activities that address the nine domains in the Patient Safety Competency Framework

  1. Person-centred care
  2. Therapeutic communication
  3. Cultural competence
  4. Teamwork and collaborative practice
  5. Clinical reasoning
  6. Evidence-based practice
  7. Preventing, minimising and responding to adverse events
  8. Infection prevention and control
  9. Medication safety

The four activities focus on one shift, four patients, and a day in the life of ‘Ellie’, a new graduate nurse.

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  • Each of the four activities include an interactive film or films depicting a typical nurse-patient interaction and a set of related questions.
  • You cannot back track once you have answered a question.
  • You can exit and return to the module at a later time if you wish to, however, each activity must be completed in its entirety before that set of answers will be saved.
  • Feedback will be provided on completion of each activity and a certificate of achievement with a summary report will be provided at the end of the module.


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ACTIVITY 1 – Intentional patient rounding

In this activity you will meet Mrs Eliza McKnight, a 56-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital following a stroke.


ACTIVITY 2 – Predicting and preventing adverse patient outcomes

In this activity, you will meet Mr George McAllister, a 78-year-old man being admitted for a radical prostatectomy.


ACTIVITY 3 – Clinical Reasoning, Recognition and Management of Patient Deterioration

In this activity, you will meet Mr Derek Brown, a 73-year-old man who is day 2 post op following a  bowel resection for colon cancer.


ACTIVITY 4 – Cultural Competence

In this activity you will meet Mrs Aneesh Ayman, a 42-year-old woman admitted for abdominal pain for investigation. Mrs Ayam was granted refugee status two years ago.