Patient Safety Online Module Evaluation

  • This survey is designed to elicit your level of satisfaction with the One shift, four patients … a day in the life of a new graduate nurse: patient safety online module. We are interested in your views on the module as a whole and on the various aspects.

    Instructions: Below you will find a list of statements about the online module. Please read each statement and then select the response that best indicates your level of agreement.

    Please answer every item, even if one seems similar to another.

    Answer each item quickly, without spending too much time on any one item.

  • Strongly disagreeDisagreeUnsureAgreeStrongly agree
    The title of the module captured my attention
    The module’s focus on patient safety was of interest to me
    Knowing that the module could test my readiness to work as a RN was important to me
    The objectives of the module were clear
    I understood the purpose of each of the activities in the module
    The module allowed me to use my current knowledge to answer the questions
    The questions in the module enabled me to recall what I know about patient safety
    The storytelling approach used in the module was engaging
    The interactivity of the module maintained my interest
    The use of videos and images were beneficial to my leaning
    The instructions in the module were easy to understand
    The module was easy to navigate
    The module had a logical structure
    The module presented clinically relevant scenarios
    I believe that completing the module will make me a safer nurse
    I will be able to apply what I’ve learned from the module to my clinical practice
    Timely feedback and results were provided in the module
    The feedback provided was beneficial to my learning
    The feedback helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses in relation to the topics presented
    I believe that my results from the module accurately represent my understanding of the content
    I believe that my overall results are a fair indication of my current level of knowledge about patient safety
    The module will help me identify environmental factors that could jeopardise patient safety
    The module will help me to predict and prevent post-operative complications
    The module will enhance my clinical reasoning skills
    The module will help me to recognise and respond to patient deterioration
    The module has enhanced my understanding of cultural competence
    The technological aspects of the module were easy to use
    The module was a valuable learning experience
    I would recommend the module to other nursing students
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